Maverick1000 Pre-Application

Maverick1000 Qualifications

In an effort to continue growing out the network in the right way, we ask that all prospective members meet these 3 important initial qualifications:

Qualification #1: You must be a successful business owner, entrepreneur, founder or CEO. This membership is strictly for distinguished achievers with a minimum business gross revenue of $1 million (verification required). On average, members run industry-dominating businesses from $5 million – $100 million+.

Qualification #2: You are willing to share your business successes openly and candidly with other members. Qualified members will be selected for what they ‘bring to the table’ and it’s important that you’re willing to share your unique skills, resources and knowledge (each member signs a confidentiality agreement so what happens within the group, stays within the group).

Qualification #3: You are a lighthouse. You have a large reach or following, a world-class capability and/or are considered to be an industry leader.

Maverick1000 is a member led organization in that new members are invited to join by existing members of the group. Distinguished high-caliber entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs are selected for their business achievements, contributions, skills, and resources.

A small, limited number of openings are made available throughout the year in order to fully integrate new members into the Maverick network. Completing the application below is the first step. We look forward to hearing from you.

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