March 14-20, 2024
Your Private Invitation To Join Sir Richard Branson And An Exclusive Group Of Global Leaders & Entrepreneurs To Change The Way Business Is Played Proceeds Benefiting
Proceeds Benefiting
This truly is a “once-in-a-lifetime” type experience with an exceptional group of select entrepreneurs coming together for meaningful connections and conversations while creating a significant impact and of course, memories that will last a lifetime..
2020 marks our 11th year of partnering with Virgin Unite, the entrepreneurial foundation of the Virgin Group and the Branson family. Together we have raised over $3,000,000 for their amazing efforts which go towards bringing people together, encouraging them to never accept the unacceptable, to turn challenges into opportunities and to always push boundaries that make both business and the world better.
We are extremely grateful for our unique long-standing partnership, the impact we’ve been able to co-create and the experiences we continue to share – it truly makes our time on an already magical island that much more extraordinary.
Who Are We?
Maverick1000 is an exclusive global network of industry transforming entrepreneurs connecting in bold new ways to challenge and collectively support each other’s biggest goals, engage in reinvigorating experiences and co-create a positive impact on the world, all while having a little bit (or a lot) of fun in the process!
Maverick1000 was created to intentionally give accomplished entrepreneurs the push and support needed to accomplish something that truly matters. A place where you can tap into other like-minded people that really get where you’re going and where you’ve come from. We are out to ‘Change the Way Business is Played” and believe that….
1 Maverick Entrepreneur Can Transform an Industry
Why Necker?
Necker Island – The breathtaking home of Sir Richard Branson – founder of Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Galactic … and one of today’s most inspiring forward-thinkers.
This is the place – and the experience – that cliches are made of. No single superlative can quite live up to reality on Necker Island… and the epic Maverick experience that takes place here.
Perhaps you’ll start the day with some yoga or a tennis lesson or maybe even an early morning swim around the island. Then, join in on a morning growth session, where you and some of the world’s top entrepreneurs share and brainstorm deep insights to get to the next level in your business or life.
When Richard first laid eyes on Necker Island twenty-five years ago, it was undeveloped and uninhabited. But, as with everything else in his world, Branson (the visionary that he is) didn’t see it only as it was – he saw what it could be – a private world for him, his family and their guests.
Is This Opportunity Right for You?
We take an extremely purposeful approach to curating the group we bring together for this unique experience.
Attendees are selected for who they are and what they can add to the overall group dynamic. This group of successful entrepreneurs have already accomplished a lot,but realize there is still so much more room for evolutionary growth and global impact.
Spaces are strictly limited and sell out each year.
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