October 15 - 19, 2023 Asheville, NC



What’s CosmicPalooza, you ask? 
Who knows!? 

What we DO know is that this somewhat ‘out there’ experience will be one for the books!

Join us in Asheville, NC for 4-nights and 3-full days for this ‘weird’ (in the best way possible), wonderful and totally cosmic experience celebrating Yanik, our very own Cosmic Sloth’s 50th Birthday!

Here’s where it all started… (Check out that FAX machine!!!)

 “We’ve come a long, long
way together…” 
-Fatboy Slim

Dates: October 15-19, 2023
Location: Asheville, NC

You can expect the unexpected on this one so come with an open mind and an open heart ready to play full out with your fellow Mavericks and invited guests. We are going to be dialing up the Synchro-Mavericknicities as we explore together…

This will not be your typical Maverick
M3 Summit experience.

We will color outside the lines and many of the sessions may not totally make sense to your logical mind, but if you’re called to be there, you will likely feel the resonance in your heart and soul.

Perhaps this card from Yanik’s Cosmic Journey Oracle deck resonates and explains what we mean here about not just “family” as Maverick members describe but gathering Star family…”

Part of your mission here on earth is to “get the gang back together.” It’s time to assemble your star family, who was dispersed like seeds to the solar wind.

There’s a cosmic hide-and-seek we all play until we meet again in the most serendipitous and magical ways. Then something clicks: a deep knowing of sharing something more than just this moment together across multiple lifelines.

Once the gang is back together and the circles have been
formed, there’s another level of assemblage needed to bring
these light circles together in even greater circles for an
even greater purpose.


“Choose Your Own Cosmic Adventure”

Awaken your senses, connect with your higher self and unlock your innate gifts through the various sessions and experiences we’ve got lined up for you. Energy practices, meditation, cosmic connections and even healing sessions will be on offer. Asheville has an incredible collective of unique healers and mystics that we plan to bring in for a little Cosmic cornucopia. 

Plus, we are asking some “underground” individuals to step forward to share their magic. 

For instance, one incredible woman has been experiencing contact her whole life. She consciously connects to Extraterrestrial Intelligence and has even worked with Harvard professor, John E. Mack. MD under his PEER (Program for Extraordinary Experience Research) group in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is currently running a foundation whose mission is for planetary evolution helping scientific breakthroughs in new energy get ethically commercialized. She’s a scientist who understands where we stand right now in this next age, but hasn’t brought it all out like this until now…which means we will be doing a very special “field trip” with her one evening!

So, yes.. you may want to be ready for some extra-dimensional activity and perhaps even some UFO spotting as we might just make contact here with our star families! If the idea of that freaks you out, don’t worry.. we will explain… and you can start slow!

What Magic Would
You Like to Share?

We would love for you to “step right up” and share any ‘weird’ gifts, ‘downloads’ or ideas.
This is, afterall, a Cosmic CO-CREATION!

All of this contributes to greater expansion and “galactivativation” during our time together. It’ll be a Birthday Bash of Cosmic Proportions to nudge your evolutionary growth…


Like most things Maverick, we’re out to make an Impact. Our goal is not only to celebrate, play, learn, and connect, but also to raise $50,000+ for the 1000 Suns Project, which supports our mission of “Changing the Way Business is Played” and creating ripples of impact. Any proceeds from CosmicPalooza will be going towards our fundraising goal and there will be a few ways to play – whether you come to the event or not (stay tuned!)

You’ll also get to participate in a BETA of a unique (and slightly off-the-wall) live and in-person E.V.I.L. Schemes for Global Good ‘Show.’ Together we will brainstorm impactful business ideas and opportunities for the world to steal… and there will probably be a puppet… or two involved!


While we can’t define what “CosmicPalooza” is quite yet, we know it will be FUN. In true Maverick style, we are planning on playing full out on this one and hope that you do the same! Think about it – an event about all things Cosmic that will celebrate Yanik, the ‘Cosmic Sloth’s’ 50th birthday party – that will go 3 full days!? Yea… I think we’ve got the fun department covered!


The Horse Shoe Farm is a family owned, 85-acre boutique resort nestled in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. Situated on the French Broad River, where it sits fortuitously at the tail end of the region’s horseshoe bend where the ancient waters maintain a continuous flow to the property.

There is said to be an unexplainable magic that stirs within its gates. A sense of peace and belonging, a space to commune with nature and the mountains, to connect and discover ourselves and each other, a place to simply be. We knew this was our spot the minute we laid eyes on it and spoke with the land’s steward and are excited to welcome you here. 


The property consists of 8 homes with a total of 22 bedrooms. These homes, lofts and cottages offer a variety of spaces and styles and provide a unique, artful, and luxury experience for your stay.

*Please note: onsite accommodations will be first come, first serve and overflow
housing will be available within 10 minutes of the property

Feed Your Soul

The onsite farm to table restaurant will be providing us with their culinary delights throughout the event. Their menu features locally sourced and thoughtfully curated dishes inspired by life on the farm and the mountains of Western North Carolina. Menu selections ebb and flow in accordance with the rhythm of the seasons… the way dining is meant to be.

Yet, one of our favorite things about this place is that they pride themselves on preparing their food with love and the intention of connecting people as they sit around the table.

Farm Activities

There is NO shortage of things to do here. From biking, hiking, volleyball, stand up paddleboarding and yoga to just doing nothing by the pool.. free time at CosmicPalooza will provide plenty of opportunity!

The Stable Spa

Surrounded by sweeping pastures, distant mountains, and the occasional crow of a rooster, The Stable Spa has a simple approach to bringing “life on a farm” into your spa treatment.

Using the energy of the land, the richness of indigenous products, the warmth of our converted stables, and skillful licensed therapists and practitioners

This space, their methods and their team create a sanctuary that speaks to the soul.


There is a magical energy surrounding Asheville that is undeniable. This isn’t surprising, as Asheville falls directly in the middle of an ancient source of powerful energy called, “ley lines” or “dragon lines.”

Asheville is perfectly situated between two major lines that stem from the Bermuda Triangle, with the Vance Monument downtown being the exact midway point between the two. It’s no wonder the creative, tangible energy surrounding the city is so strong. 

Oh, and the fall season is said to be nothing short of spectacular…





Arrivals and welcome dinner





IMPORTANT: Please RSVP ASAP as this will help us guarantee
your accommodations and plan accordingly.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Your CosmicPalooza experience will include 4-nights of accommodations, experiences, growth sessions, meals, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, and a few cocktails here and there.*Please note Airport Transfers are not included, but we are happy to arrange for shared or private airport transfers at an additional cost.

Your Investment: $6,050


Q: What are the travel dates:

A: Arrive on October 15, 2023
    Depart on October 19, 2023

Q: What’s the closest airport?

A: Asheville Regional Airport (AVL), Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP), or Charlotte (CLT)
*Please note AVL is a 15-min drive, GSP Airport is an hour drive and CLT is about 2 hours to our home base.

Q: What's Included?

A: Your event registration includes accommodations, Growth Sessions, experiences, meals, snacks, a few cocktails or wine with meals and all non-alcoholic beverages.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Don't worry, we will be sending you a Pre-Event
Guide a few weeks before the trip with a detailed packing list!

Q: Can I come early? Extend my trip?

A: Just reach out to our team (events@maverickdna.com)
with your specific request and we are happy to help!

Q: Can I invite another amazing entrepreneur? Spouse? Family?

A: Yes, yes and yes! Spouses and business partners are welcome, but because we are limiting the size of this particular event, please reach out to events@maverickdna.com if you have any additional guests you are interested in sharing the magic with.

Q: What are the accommodations like?

A: The Horse Shoe Farm is a family owned, 85-acre boutique resort nestled in the mountains of Asheville North Carolina. The property consists of 8 homes with a total of 22 bedrooms. These homes, lofts and cottages offer a variety of spaces and styles and provide a unique, artful, and luxury experience for your stay. We will be offering these rooms to the first guests to sign up and will be reserving overflow housing at a property that is a 5-7 min drive from our home base.