December 1-3, 2017

Important Update: Your Help is Needed to Rebuild Puerto Rico's Entrepreneurial Spirit & Business Community

As you’ve probably seen, Hurricane Maria has completely devastated the island of Puerto Rico. They’ve been through many storms, but nothing has ever hit as hard as Maria. About 85 percent of residents still lack electricity and 40 percent are without running water, and neither is expected to be fully restored anytime soon. Plus, Puerto Rico had already been facing numerous obstacles before the storm: the weight of extended debt, and a potential bankruptcy crisis and now because of the storm, much of the economy there has ground to a halt.


At Camp Maverick this summer, we introduced this new term. And it seems like the Maverick Summit already having been scheduled to take place in San Juan this year is no coincidence.

The hotel offered us a “get of jail free card” offering us a full refund but while we considered it, we decided that instead of canceling we are going to do what Mavericks are meant to do; step up to make a dramatic difference.

The theme of this year’s Summit is now "Overcoming Adversity and Rising Stronger."

The idea is for Mavericks to make a difference and help fully support the local business community and young leaders. We’ll be there to provide direct help, mentoring, insights, inspiration and even financial support, such as grants from our Impact fund and opportunities for optional investment.

Details and specifics are still taking shape, but we have started to establish connections to local business groups, media and the chamber of commerce, among others.

The first day of Summit (Dec 1) will be focused on conducting a unique and impactful event for the business community. Local entrepreneurs and business leaders will be invited to join us for a day of inspiring presentations, practical panels, breakouts and real actionable conversations. Your contribution here will matter.

RSVP now to inspire, support and stand with Puerto Rico.


Together we are able to catalyze resources, capital, and mentorship to use entrepreneurial thinking and business as the ultimate lever to make a difference.

10% of all Maverick1000 membership dues go into a joint Impact fund to co-create a significant ripple effect for our Cause Partners throughout the year. In Puerto Rico, we will be dispersing a portion of the Maverick Impact Fund for business grants and other initiatives that will make a greater difference.

To date, we’ve raised over $3,000,000+ in charitable contributions…but even more powerful is contributing our brainpower, resources, and network to exponentially increase our total impact.

Maverick members regularly have the opportunity to make a measurable difference with our collective entrepreneurial resources by working with cause partners and/or mentoring new mission-driven startups.

We’ve previously worked on big issues like developing self-sustaining economic engines for villages we’ve built in Haiti, helping to develop educational programs for protecting the headwaters of the Amazon, and aiding returning vets with entrepreneurial opportunities as well as global issues such as the declining bee population, the recent refugee crisis, and many more. Now in Puerto Rico, we can come together for even more impact in a community that can really use the help right now. (Plus, if you are a guest attendee $1,000 of your fee will be applied directly to the Maverick Impact fund for grants and disbursement in Puerto Rico.)

"The Mavericks are the Green Berets of Business & Entrepreneurship... And this is exactly what drew the Green Beret foundation to reach out. Their unconventional approach, and ability to embrace complex situations make them the perfect mentors..."

(Retired Major), Director, Green Beret Foundation

What is the M3 Summit?

The Maverick M3 Summit is a culmination of all things Maverick combining our 3 core pillars of Growth, Fun and Impact. This annual gathering of Mavericks and participating icons is unlike any other 'normal' business conference.


Maverick members are a global network of industry leading entrepreneurs and accomplished business leaders, connecting in bold new ways to challenge and collectively support each other’s biggest business goals, engage in reinvigorating experiences and co-create a worldwide multiplier impact. (You can learn more about the group at Maverick1000.com)

"...What I get here that I don’t get in other groups is there’s an intense form of tribe that we have within Maverick... it’s deeper than most other groups that I’m in… Each time we get together, I find that I leave, and something has shifted. That could be a relationship. That could be something internal. It could be an experience I wouldn’t have had otherwise, and my life is just that one-degree different, and I have an inflection point each time we get together. It’s that level of depth that for me makes Maverick one of my top priorities."

Founder MavenWire (now exited)

“As somebody who spends about two and a half weeks out of every month on the road, whenever I’m considering joining a group I really have to weigh do I have enough time for this and what kind of value am I going to get out of this?

In terms of the time, let’s be candid. As business owners, we often don’t make the time to work on our business…Going beyond business, what are we doing in our personal lives to make sure the mission of our business aligns with the mission of our personal life philosophy? Maverick helps you meld both of those, and that’s why I make the time to never miss a Maverick event.

If you’re considering joining Maverick, I highly recommend it. Yes, it’s commitment of time, effort, and money, but let’s be candid. What things in life that have any value don’t meet that criteria? I encourage you to put in the time, put in the effort, invest in yourself, decide that you want to join an organization of like minded individuals who are going to support you and push you to be the very best you can be.”

Recognized Expert in Customer Experience Design. Clients have included the Aspen Institute, NASA, Network for Good, Hyatt and Zappos among others.

Previously Mavericks have partaken in everything from being one of the first people in the world to fly a real jet pack with Jet-Lev, being guests at Chris Blackwell's private farm and even spending the night in an authentic Mayan village for 2012’s calendar change and even.

For this year's Summit it’ll obviously be quite a bit different. The experience will be centered around the impact we can make on the ground in Puerto Rico but there will still be unique ways we will connect and get to experience this inspiring setting.

As you can imagine not everything in Puerto Rico is at 100%, however our hotel is up and running just fine and has been at 80-100% occupancy since the storm. The Condado district, the area surrounding the hotel does have electricity so the local businesses have started opening back up and are ready to receive us!

Other Ways You Can Help

  1. If you have any connections, ideas, resources that you can provide - we are all ears! We’ve already started getting a few YES’es and interest from keynotes and guests to be part of this powerful experience.
  2. Invite Other Impactful Entrepreneurial CEOs Who Want to Contribute
    The guest fee includes a $1,000.00 donation to the Impact Fund which will be dispersed during the Summit. We are looking for guests that want to contribute their knowledge, experience and brainpower to help lift the local entrepreneurial community and help them rise stronger. So if you know someone that has the Maverick DNA and should be here with us - share this opportunity.

In the NY Times, Angie Mok, a property manager from Condado is quoted as saying. “This will be a renaissance.” Our goal is help be part of that process - together with you...as Mavericks.

2017 Maverick M3 Summit AGENDA:

November 30th: Arrivals and Welcome Reception

December 1st – Overcoming Adversity and Rising Stronger Entrepreneurial Summit with local business community. Special guest keynote presentations, direct mentoring sessions, breakouts and networking opportunities.

December 2nd and 3rd: Maverick M3 Summit Growth Sessions and Experiences for Maverick members and guests.

December 4th: Departures

Member RSVP Guest RSVP

NOTE: If you'd like to bring a business partner or prospective member – they are $3,495/each. Max 2 and subject to approval. ($1,000 from the guest fee will be applied to the Maverick Impact fund to be dispersed in Puerto Rico in support of the local business community and young leaders.) Spouse or significant others are $2,495, please RSVP for yourself first and then email Sophia@maverickdna.com to register.

M3 Summit: San Juan - Things to Know Before You Go!

Although the conditions on the ground in Puerto Rico are constantly changing, here is what we currently know. We will keep all registered attendees abreast of any updates or important information as it may arise.

Electricity: Right now only 15-20% of the island has power however our hotel and the surrounding area does fall into that 15-20% so they are up and running.

Hotel Conditions: The Condado Vanderbilt was very fortunate and only suffered minor damages. They has power, running water and all of the hotel amenities are open, i.e. the pool, restaurant, bar, and fitness center.

Safety: The hotel is safe and while the surrounding area is said to be ok during the day, it is not recommended to leave the hotel at night. We will be planning dinner outings as a group and then will be returning to the hotel. If the conditions change by the time we arrive, we will let you know, but as of now this is what is suggested by our contacts on the ground.

Health Precautions: We recommend drinking bottled water throughout your stay. The hotel has confirmed the water is safe to shower but we suggest using bottled water for brushing your teeth and drinking water. You will have access to plenty of bottled water throughout the event.

There is not currently a need for any additional vaccinations or immunizations for travel to Puerto Rico.

Supplies: As we get closer to the event, we will assess the most pressing needs on the island and will give you the option or bringing these supplies with you.

Impact Fund: A portion of the Maverick Impact Fund as well as Guest Fees for this event will be going towards a donation that we will make during our time together in San Juan. We are still determining the best way to disperse these funds but will likely be to support entrepreneurship and/or getting the basic urgent needs met for those that are still in need.

Should I come to this event? We are of course a bit biased here, but we are sure that if you make the decision to come to Puerto Rico, it will be an experience you won't soon forget. This is a truly unique opportunity to show up for not only your fellow entrepreneurs, but an entire country that has totally unexpectedly suffered a huge loss in what was already an extremely challenging time. This may not be the most "luxurious" M3 Summit we have had but as Mavericks we hope to make an impact in the community and bring a little "green" back to the Island of Enchantment.