M3 Summit
of Genius

January 10-12, 2019


The Maverick M3 Summit is a culmination of all things Maverick, combining our 3 core pillars of 'Growth, Impact and Fun.'

Experience a unique combination of invigorating conversations, rejuvenating experiences, opportunities to impact the local community and authentically build high-level connections that only occur outside typical business settings.


2019 Theme: Patterns of Genius

Why do some people have brilliant thoughts and industry-defining ideas, while others flounder?

Is there a secret to inspired innovation on-demand? A way to be a visionary thinker, but with practical applications? And is there a creative way to make all of this benefit the greater collective?

This is what we will be focused on during this year's M3 Summit.

One of our special guests joining us will be Arjuna Ardagh. Arjuna has written the highly regarded book, "Radical Brilliance" which is based on 15 years of interviews with 400+ scientists, artists, musicians, inventors and social architects.

Arjuna has been honing these ideas all over the world, including speaking at places like Google and the United Nations. His overriding concept of the "Brilliance Cycle" will astound you as to where the best creative ideas come from, how to conceptualize them and how to get unstuck!

Plus, conversations will veer into exploring topics around cutting-edge research on brain chemistry, nutrition, "biohacking" and "brilliant substances."

More Guest speaker soon to be announced.


Each year, Mavericks choose one of the U.N's Global Goals as our key impact focus. 10% of all Maverick1000 membership dues go into our Impact Fund which is then used to co-create a significant ripple effect in alignment with that Goal. In 2018, we tackled Global Goal #14: Life Below Water.

To date, we've raised over $3,000,000+ in charitable contributions, but we believe that even more powerful is the collective brain power, network, and entrepreneurial resources contributed. These are what exponentially increase the impact we create for cause partners and the mission-driven startups we work with throughout the year!

We are excited to announce 2019's Global Goal in Cartagena and create an impact in the local community during our time together.

"The Mavericks are the Green Berets of Business & Entrepreneurship... And this is exactly what drew the Green Beret foundation to reach out. Their unconventional approach, and ability to embrace complex situations make them the perfect mentors..."

(Retired Major), Director, Green Beret Foundation

The InGenius Setting: Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is one of the most exquisite and colorful colonial cities in Latin America. Nestled on the Caribbean coast, this living city's historic history merges with the vibrant food and bustling nightlife. There's reason Cartagena has become one of the hottest tourist locations for adventurous travelers.

To experience all this gorgeous Colombian city has to offer is to fall in love with the contradictions of a well-preserved colonial history and new colorful architecture. The juxtaposition of hand-cobbled streets and modern facilities. Or the magical sunrises bracketed by the pulsing nightlife.

Maverick Mayhem...Yes there "may" just be a little bit of fun thrown into the mix...

Maverick Mayhem

At previous M3 Summits, Mavericks have had a slumber party in an authentic Mayan village, have been guests at Chris Blackwell's private farm, integrated into an authentic Rasta village and helped provide clean drinking water to hundreds of families in Puerto Rico.

Here's what happened last year...

As for the next M3 Summit... you'll just have to wait to see what's in store for you..

NOTE: Please complete this Guest Application to attend the Maverick M3 Summit. Please note that not every applicant will be approved. If approved, you will be notified via email and your credit card will be charged $3,495 at that time. Your credit card will not be charged until approved.


January 9th - Arrivals & Welcome Reception

January 10th - Maverick M3 Summit

January 11th - Maverick M3 Summit

January 12th - Maverick M3 Summit & Farewell Dinner

January 13th - Departures

Maverick1000. Maverick members are a global network of industry leading entrepreneurs and accomplished business leaders, connecting in bold new ways to challenge and collectively support each other's growth, engage in reinvigorating experiences and co-create a worldwide multiplier impact. (You can learn more about the group at Maverick1000.com)


Q: What are the travel dates:

A: Arrive: January 9th
     Depart: January 13th

Q: Which Airport should I fly into?

A: Rafael Núñez International Airport (CTG)

Q: What's Included?

A: Your event registration includes a welcome reception, 3 days of growth sessions, activities and most of your meals.

Q: How about airport transfers?

A: Taxis are easily accessible outside of the airport and our hotel is approximately 15 minutes away. If you would like for us to arrange a private transfer, please email events@maverickdna.com

Q: What should I bring?

A: Don't worry, we will be sending you a Pre-Event Guide a few weeks in advance with a detailed packing list!

Q: Do I need visa to enter Colombia?

A: All U.S. passport holders are not required to have a visa to enter the country. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after your travel. You will also need to make sure your return ticket is purchased.

"...What I get here that I don’t get in other groups is there’s an intense form of tribe that we have within Maverick... it’s deeper than most other groups that I’m in… Each time we get together, I find that I leave, and something has shifted. That could be a relationship. That could be something internal. It could be an experience I wouldn’t have had otherwise, and my life is just that one-degree different, and I have an inflection point each time we get together. It’s that level of depth that for me makes Maverick one of my top priorities."

Founder MavenWire (now exited)

“As somebody who spends about two and a half weeks out of every month on the road, whenever I’m considering joining a group I really have to weigh do I have enough time for this and what kind of value am I going to get out of this?

In terms of the time, let’s be candid. As business owners, we often don’t make the time to work on our business…Going beyond business, what are we doing in our personal lives to make sure the mission of our business aligns with the mission of our personal life philosophy? Maverick helps you meld both of those, and that’s why I make the time to never miss a Maverick event.

If you’re considering joining Maverick, I highly recommend it. Yes, it’s commitment of time, effort, and money, but let’s be candid. What things in life that have any value don’t meet that criteria? I encourage you to put in the time, put in the effort, invest in yourself, decide that you want to join an organization of like minded individuals who are going to support you and push you to be the very best you can be.”

Recognized Expert in Customer Experience Design. Clients have included the Aspen Institute, NASA, Network for Good, Hyatt and Zappos among others.