March 12-18, 2023

Your Private Invitation to a private caribbean island and an Exclusive Group
of Global Leaders & Entrepreneurs to
Changing the Way Business is Played

Proceeds Benefiting

March 12-18, 2023

Your Invitation to a Private Caribbean island to Meet an Exclusive Group of Global Leaders & Entrepreneurs Changing the Way Business is Played

Proceeds Benefiting

“There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you.”

Sir Richard Branson

Necker Island

1 Maverick Entrepreneur Can Transform an Industry 1000 TOGETHER CAN TRANSFORM THE WORLD

Necker Island is the jewel of the British Virgin Islands and will be home to a very small and select group of Maverick entrepreneurs. This is the place – and the experience – that cliches are made of. No single superlative can quite live up to reality on Necker Island… and the Maverick epic experience that takes place there each year.

Perhaps you’ll start your day with some yoga or a tennis lesson or maybe even an early morning swim around the island. Then, join in on a morning business session, where you and the world’s top entrepreneurs share and brainstorm deep insights to get to the next level in your business or resolve a specific challenge.

Necker Island was purchased twenty-five years ago, it was undeveloped and uninhabited. But, as with everything else in his world, Branson (the visionary that he is) didn’t see it only as it was – he saw what it could be – a private world for him, his family and their guests.

The landscape is one of dramatic contrasts: Snow-white sandy beaches punctuating craggy headlands… Lush hillsides rising to rocky ridges capped with cactus… And the crystal clear water of the Caribbean supporting reefs teeming with amazing sea life in a variety of colors and shapes. 

Check out the highlights from last time!

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Flamingos, lemurs, scarlet ibis, iguanas and more are all over the island! In fact, with the increase in species due to the fresh water from its desalination plant.

“Where possible, we use natural materials from the island in construction – the main walls of the house are built from stone removed from the top of the hill and much of the timber is locally grown.”

With a Staff of 100+, you and your fellow guests are always out-numbered by those whose purpose is to pamper you with first class service and cater to your every whim.

Necker Island is refreshingly “out of step” with the rest of the world.

In fact, the landlord has a rule that there can be no work done on Necker in the afternoon, so that you can go out and enjoy yourself… Recharge and refresh.

And this type of unique, incredible environment is exactly why you’ll create powerful business connections with other successful entrepreneurs as well as deals and relationship “collisions” that are priceless. 

I've been dreaming about this adventure for a little over 20 years and it did not disappoint!...I am really inspired, I'm uplifted, I'm rejuvenated and really ready to make a real empowering and disruptive contribution to humanity because of the time I spent here and the people I spent it with.”
Dan Mangena
best-selling Author & Speaker (and now has
beat Richard 2 out of 3 times in chess.)

Maverick Contributing Icons

“By bringing the right people together and taking an entrepreneurial approach, we can help solve some of the world’s most challenging issues.”

Members receive direct access and insights from relationships with participating Maverick icons such as Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, adventure sports superstar Tony Hawk, motorcycle mogul Jesse James, renegade VC-investor Morten Lund, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, X-Prize creator Dr. Peter Diamandis, Patron Tequila co-founder and billionaire John Paul DeJoria, CEO Tony Hsieh, 4-Hour Workweek author Tim Ferriss, Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, SPANX creator and youngest self-made female billionaire Sara Blakely, and many others.

“So much love, connection and there is a component of magic that you will experience that's really hard to explain.”
Danette May
Mindful Health & Earth Echo Foods

Maverick1000 is an invitation-only, global network of visionary entrepreneurs and industry leaders who redefine how business is played in the 21st century.

Our members have already achieved “success,” but realize there is something more.

Mavericks are committed to the continuous growth & evolution of themselves and their business, to creating a greater global impact and to having a whole lot of fun in the process.

We are out to “Change the way business is played!” 




Evolutionary personal and transformative business growth.


Reinvent the Impact you and your business are creating with the Evolved Enterprise® framework and collectively impact the world through shared talents, skills and resources in collaboration with Maverick Cause Partners.


Think of this as “Purposeful Play” in order to create deeper relationships and more meaningful connections (with in-person and virtual gatherings). Play is also called “re-creation” for a reason. In fact, most entrepreneurs don’t make scheduled time to recharge and rejuvenate themselves. Who better to do this with than other like-minded entrepreneurs who ‘get it’?

6 Reasons
You Should Join Us On Necker:


You're Ready to Re-Charge Your Batteries and Think Bigger.

Imagine the kind of brainstorming and problem-solving that can make a real, profound difference in both yourself, your business and even the world. This will be a life (and business) changing event for you!


This place is incredible.

Besides it being breathtakingly beautiful and having an amazing service experience, there is so much to do here. In addition to all of the thought provoking and transformational growth sessions, you can also choose to participate in over a dozen different activities…or just choose to take some time to soak it all in. There are plenty of spiritually uplifting spots throughout the island where you can escape for some alone time and maybe get in a little solo meditation, journaling or yoga.


The people.

The relationships and memories you create on Necker are ones that you will cherish forever. Whether it’s a significant business takeaway, an aha-moment, experiencing personal transformation or just incredible fun & laughter… You WILL walk away with some new life-long friends… deep connections and potential key partners…

“This may be the smartest thing I've done in my life. And I don't say that very lightly...Being able to riff and resonate and be inspired by f**king amazing people!”
John Lin,


The Impact.

We’re doing some pretty incredible things in the world and together we help catalyze these projects forward. By participating in this Epic Experience, a significant portion of your trip fee will be going towards Virgin Unite’s efforts.

Last time we donated over $250k to Virgin Unite and like you (just guessing here), we are a bit on the competitive side and hope to raise even MORE money this time around. And more than simply the money raised, we also come together utilizing our brainpower, resources, talents and network connections.


One of our favourite joint projects involved us being tasked with how to take an old WWII Navy ship and turn it into a self-sustainable impact project. Not an easy task, but we did it!

We saved the YO-44 – one of the last five ships that survived Pearl Harbour – from being scrapped for metal and transformed her into a thriving artificial reef and adventure dive site. The project was designed to help rehabilitate heavily overfished marine populations in ways that boost income for local dive operators and the wider BVI economy. A breath-taking art sculpture used as an artificial reef, the end result provided marine science research as well as swim and marine stewardship programs for local BVI kids. This project was featured in numerous publications and sites for the breakthrough impact and there was even a mini documentary narrated by Kate Winslet about the project.


Special Guests.

Each year we invite a few high-caliber guests to make the event even more powerful. Previously, we’ve had Hollywood celebrities, business moguls, major authors, thought leaders and even shamans. Who knows who’ll show up as a special guest with you this time around?

“Maverick is always the favorite week of the year on Necker.”
Sir Richard Branson


The Experience.


Quite frankly, nobody looks back on their life and wishes they spent more time at the office. Your life is quite literally the sum of your experiences. We believe that a collection of rich experiences equals a rich life! This is your chance to create the kind of memories and friendships that will stay with you forever and to form the stories you’ll tell for years and years to come! It’s up to you.






“This experience has blown me away. There is so much fun to be had here. It's unreal. The physical beauty of this place is incredible. The staff is unbelievable. And so in the end, it's just been one of the greatest weeks of my life.”
Jeff Walker
NY Times bestselling author



Yes! There is also a discount for 2 or more attendees coming together. 

Rest assured you will be surrounded by some pretty amazing, top-level entrepreneurs, game changers and forward thinkers. 

You can if you’d like… but quite frankly this is the perfect time to truly disconnect and re-energize yourself, without “bringing the office along”. 

Based on the exclusivity of Necker Island, there are a limited number of rooms available which means that you may be sharing a room with another one of our amazing guests. Year after year, we’ve found that some of the most amazing friendships and bonds are formed amongst roommates… pretty incredible, really! 

As with all business related trips, this one should be tax deductible! However, please note that your receipt will be coming from Maverick Business Adventures. Of course, you should always check with your accountant or tax professional for their final say. 

There is good news and bad news…The good news is to maximize your business connections – this is a small intimate event with a select group of entrepreneurs. The ‘bad’ news is that we already have more than 50% of the spots reserved by previous attendees coming back again! So if you want in – now is the time! 

Please schedule a call or email with any remaining questions 🙂