Introducing the Maverick
"MEGAmind" Experiment

Connect, Collaborate and Brainstorm with other like-minded Maverick Visionaries & Industry-Leading Entreprenuers

(Plus use your talents, unique genius and powerful resources for an even greater impact)

What is the Experiment?

Let’s start with what this is NOT…

It will likely be nothing like any other Zoom meeting or “networking event” you’ve ever attended. (In fact, it’s not on Zoom because we’ve all had enough Zoom meetings!)

You will also NOT be forced into some basic, surface level “networking” conversations.

You will NOT be forced into sitting through a boring presentation or listless speaker.

No way.

Instead you’ll be taking part in a bit of an “odd” experiment…

For an Hour and a Half You’ll Get to Brainstorm, Innovate & Think Outside ‘The Box’ With the Ultimate Group of Maverick Entrepreneurs & Visionaries

We can’t even quite explain what will happen because it’s totally different every time and that’s how the big breakthroughs and connections occur!

What you CAN expect is the unexpected with a bit of Maverick mischief and magic sprinkled in.

The Maverick MEGAmind Experiment is all
about using ‘Purposeful Play’ to activate these
3 multipliers…

Maverick Multiplier #1: Cosmic Connection with potential high-leverage partners, founders, CEOs and successful business leaders across multiple industries and marketplaces.

(The group is always highly curated and by invite only)

Maverick Multiplier #2: CATALYZE.
Purposeful Play is designed to not only be fun, but also to open new doors, unlock new opportunities, and create those incredible joint opportunity and actionable new ideas for you.

Maverick Multiplier #3: CO-CREATE Work side-by-side with peers to help mentor and brainstorm for social enterprises and young entrepreneurs.

This is where we tap into the collective brainpower, resources, networks and capabilities to co-create something meaningful with your personal hard won advice and insights to help them go further & faster.

What Other Leaders Have Shared

The first participants have ranged from high-flying tech founders and those that have gone through $250M+ raises to those that have already exited their businesses and everything in between. Here’s what they reported back:

“…takes brainstorming off the deep-end.”
“…such a joyful, eccentric way of bringing people together! In these experiences, it is onlynatural to step out of our comfort zones and get creative.”
"Inspiring, a little intimidating, but exciting and heart-warming."

Who are Mavericks?

“On paper,” Maverick members are 21st century business leaders who collide at the intersection of bold business initiatives, joy and greater meaning. They are successful entrepreneurs with industry-leading companies ranging from $1M to over $100M+ in annual sales and are lighthouses across 91+ industries and marketplaces.

But, more than what they’ve done, it’s about who they are. We’re looking for a certain type of individual. We call it Maverick DNA. At the core, Mavericks are committed to continuous business and personal growth, creating an impact in the world and having a lot of fun in the process.

"Industry Disruptors" Bloomberg

“Maverick is my family that gives me the food and energy to grow, to learn to express myself, and to learn to be a better human-being.”

- Samit Gehlot, Social Impact Entrepreneur

“The growth that I’ve had since joining the Maverick family… the amazing people that are in this group… it’s phenomenal.

I love the fact that the vision is not only on a personal level but a much bigger global scale. We CAN impact and DO impact the world, whether it’s building a little village in Haiti or helping to save our ocean and everywhere in between. I love being part of that big impact.

Things rub off... you will become a better human-being and make a bigger impact by being in the Maverick family.”

- Nayia Pierrakos, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Developer and Mentor

“Maverick really is my family and it’s literally transformed my life. I’ve really shifted who I have become, it’s allowed me to grow and be all I can be.”

- Scott Thompson, Entrepreneur and Investor and former E&Y Entrepreneur of the year

Is This For You?

If you're willing to play full out...

If you're already "successful" but believe that you're here to create something even greater than what you've already accomplished...

If you believe that business can be the ultimate level for good...

If you If you resonate with being a Maverick Entrepreneur and think it's in your DNA... that business can be the ultimate level for good...

“We believe that 1 Maverick Entrepreneur can transform an Industry, but 1000 can transform the world. Are you one of them?” ~ Yanik Silver

Are you one of them?

There are limited spots available for the Maverick MEGAmind Experiment so we want to know what you’re up to and what you’re most excited about contributing to the conversation.

Come Together To Connect, Ideate and Playfull Collaborate to Make a Serious Difference... Without Taking Ourselves Too Seriously

Mavericks and Sir Richard Branson on their annual visit to Necker island working and playing together to make a greater impact.