February 10-13, 2019


For the last 7 years, Maverick has co-hosted
an annual Impact trip to Haiti.

Maverick members and other invited guests have attended this trip to Haiti to develop self-sustaining villages for the desperately poor, support orphanages and continue doing more and more impact work using entrepreneurial thinking.

With our partner, Hope 2 Haiti we are going back to continue making a greater difference…but not just a hand out but a hand up…

Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Despite living in material poverty, the people of Haiti have an enormous amount of endurance, hope and dignity, but they need help in this fight against extreme poverty.

Maverick members and invited guests will once again be heading to Haiti for what is sure
to be an incredibly impactful and life-changing experience.


February 10 - Welcome Dinner - Miami, FL

February 11 - Haiti

February 12 - Haiti

February 13 - Return to Miami

February 14 - (Optional & Separate Fee) Dinner and Andrea Bocelli Concert*

Note: We have secured a limited number of floor seats to the Andrea Bocelli Concert at American Airlines Arena in cooperation with our previous support of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation.

An optional impact brainstorming session with the Andrea Bocelli Foundation on February 14th is TBD. Contact if interested.


What's Included:

Donation to Hope 2 Haiti and other cause partners (TBD), Roundtrip flight from Miami to Haiti, 2 nights of accommodations in Miami (Feb 10 and 13), 2 nights of All-Inclusive accommodations in Haiti (all meals & drinks), Transportation, and Activities in Haiti.


  • Providing food, education and housing to dozens of Haitian orphans supported by Hope2Haiti.
  • Providing critical food/water and supplies in rural villages.
  • Supporting local Micro Enterprises with input, ideas and contribution.
  • Brainstorming on creative solutions to help create opportunities and resources for entrepreneurship and more.


$3295 per person. Donation receipts will be provided by Hope 2 Haiti.

Our immediate goal is to support one orphanage for an entire year. This means 30 kids get housing, meals and access to education for a full year from attendees.

Space is limited RSVP right away

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P.S. This is not a “vacation” but we will have an incredible setting. Haiti is working on revamping their tourism and we will be in one of the top resorts with full security. The days will be long with bumpy bus rides and the experience is likely to be quite emotional. We can almost guarantee that you’ll come back changed from this experience.

In fact, you never know which life you will impact or change.

Last year at the St. Marc’s Orphanage, we were able to see some familiar faces, including one boy nicknamed, “Big Love.” For the last two years almost nobody could get him to smile. But now, with some love, security, and a stable foundation, he’s thriving. The smile on Big Love's face's priceless!