You’re Invited to an Exclusive 3-Day Gathering of Business Leaders & Visionary Entrepreneurs

March 16 -19, 2025

British Virgin Islands including a special celebration on
Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson

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Impact Day



Beach Party




Join an amazing group of entrepreneurs, impact investors and luminaries including Sir Richard Branson, who believe business is the greatest lever to make a difference in the world.

Together we will share 3 remarkable days centered around growth, impact and fun in the beautiful and pristine British Virgin Islands. You’ll get the chance to explore the islands, participate in a unique hands-on impact experience with our long time partner, Unite BVI and join in for an epic celebration event on Necker Island.

While you won’t find traditional classrooms or speaker sessions here, we are sure that with the incredible amount of knowledge and experience coming together here – there will be no shortage of valuable conversations and high-level connections formed. In fact, we believe the the strongest bonds and relationships take place outside of the norm.

Previous years our diverse mix of attendees ranged from industry leading entrepreneurs across multiple sectors and special guest icons. No single superlative can quite describe Necker Island and how special it is for the small and select group of entrepreneurs who attend.

The afternoon and evening on Necker will include an opportunity for you to check out the island and engage in a bit of purposeful play before having dinner with Sir Richard and the epic themed party.

Note: We take our parties pretty seriously so you’ll be given advance notice of the theme so you can plan accordingly 😉

Richard has always believed that business can and must be a force for good in the world. Together, we’ve raised over $3,000,000+ for Virgin Unite over the last few years and have become one of their key supporters. Not only financially, but also through the combined use of our entrepreneurial brainpower and resources.

” The Necker Island Beach Party experience was surreal. A purposeful union of amazing magical humans who positively impact the world through business, connecting and playing all out, as only Mavericks can, was definitely life changing and very inspiring. Highly recommended.”

The Itinerary

March 16 – 19, 2025
Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
Your 3-day experience will look a little something like this:

Sunday – Welcome Dinner
Monday – Impact Day
Tuesday – Necker Island
Wednesday – Departures

This entire 3-day experience lends itself to plenty of time for deep conversations and powerful connections in the ultimate entrepreneurial paradise.

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