The 3x Multiplier Retreats also give you a scheduled refuge from your usual day-to-day and will become something to look forward to throughout the year. There’s no doubt the synchronicities from putting together some of the brightest minds in different and unusual experiences will develop new resources, capabilities and connections you didn’t even know about.

Maverick1000 members have privileged access to truly EPIC experiences. Imagine blasting 80mph through the Baja...experiencing a Zero-gravity flight (like NASA astronauts do to prepare for space travel)...flying MiG jets in Russia...going on an African Safari, swimming with Great Whites & attending the World Cup finals... driving a super exotic sports car 200 mph+ or scuba diving in between tectonic plates in Iceland. These are just a few of the experiences Mavericks have been privileged to take part in and there even bigger ones coming up in the future.

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