February 8-10, 2017
Atlanta, GA

Join us for the next 3X Maverick Multiplier Retreat where members and invited guests assemble to collaborate on, develop and share breakthrough ideas on the most critical issues facing 21st century innovators and leaders.

It’s a remarkable combination of invigorating conversations, rejuvenating retreats and ‘giving forward’ opportunities to authentically build high-level connections and profitable relationships that only occur outside typical business settings.

The 3X Multiplier Retreats give you a scheduled retreat from your usual environment and will become something to look forward to and get excited about throughout the year. Plus, the synchronicities that occur when you bring some of the brightest minds together in different and unusual settings may lead to the unexpected development of new resources, capabilities and connections.

  • [Re-Think] Growth Multiplier
  • [Re-Purpose] Impact Multiplier
  • [Re-Invent] Experience Multiplier


Check out a previous 3X Retreat:


Day 1: Impact Multiplier – We’re out to ‘change the way business is played’ and this day is about making a measurable difference with our collective entrepreneurial brainpower and resources working with cause partners and/or new mission-driven startups.

As Scott Mann, director of Green Beret Foundation said, “Mavericks are the Green Berets of Business.” We’re going to deploy members to create a bigger impact where it matters.

Previously, Mavericks have worked with cause partners such as Virgin Unite, Boys and Girls Clubs, National Federation for the Blind, Caring House Foundation, and Village Enterprise.

In Atlanta, we are excited to be partnering with Sara Blakely and CCI, The Center for Civic Innovation.

Maverick Participating Icon: Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely is the creator and entrepreneur behind the enormously successful Spanx undergarment. Sara has a fascinating journey from launching with $5000 in savings to becoming the youngest self-made female billionaire in history.

Mavericks will get a rare opportunity to connect directly with Sara and work on a landmark new joint project with the Sara Blakely Foundation and The Center for Civic Innovation in Atlanta.

Since its inception in 2006, the Sara Blakely Foundation has donated millions to charities around the world, focusing on charities that empower underserved women and girls. In 2013, Sara Blakely became the first self-made, female billionaire to sign the Melinda and Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge, promising to give at least half of her wealth to charity. While many of the world’s resources are being depleted, one is waiting to be unleashed: Women. The Sara Blakely Foundation is on a mission to support women and help them SOAR through education, entrepreneurship and the arts.

Together we will partake in an exciting impact collaboration with Sara’s Foundation and CCI.

atlanta-cci-logoThe Center for Civic Innovation is a community-driven research and development lab for local governments, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs. Their mission is to push Atlanta to be a smart, equitable, and engaged city by investing in community-driven ideas, supporting social enterprises, and engaging people in dialogue and action.

The Sara Blakely Foundation will be providing a $250,000 grant to selected female social entrepreneurs and Mavericks will be coming together to help mentor and brainstorm new Evolved Enterprise models for these impactful women. A donation from the Maverick Impact Fund will then be dispersed for marketing, digital media and other help & resources needed to implement these new ideas.

This is a remarkable opportunity to learn from one of today’s most engaging self-made billionaires and jointly work together towards making a dramatic impact as Mavericks.


Day 2: Growth Multiplier – workshop experience with unique conversations and discussions with members, business icons and thought leaders.

This could be a field trip and/or workshop for Mavericks – we’re still finalizing the details on this one, but we’ve got some great options in Atlanta.


Day 3: Experience Multiplier – Partake in unique adventures, excursions or experiences to help re-energize, rejuvenate and re-connect.

You’ll get more hints and clues as we get closer but you might want to look up one of the definitions of ‘Maverick’ for a little preview.

What has this day looked like at previous events? How about flying jet packs, speeding around a track in a race car or exhilarating indoor skydiving, roller derby or event daredevil circus training?

Make sure you’re up for little bit of Maverick mayhem.


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